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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Allure of the 'Odd' Man!

I went out with some girlfriends last saturday eve (plus one bloke, Boyfriend of one of said girls, can't leave him out now) to watch a tribute rock band at a local-ish haunt we frequent from time to time. A few drinks were consumed, but not too many, and we were looking forward to a good night out. We arrived full of trepidition, but were totally unaware that we were going to fall into the trap of 'That strange looking bloke that has something about him'
The man in question happened to be the lead singer of said tribute rock band. It is a very popular band they imitate, and due to the fact 'Odd Man' is married, I can't devulge what band it was. (Don't want his wife hunting me down and killing me because I found myself strangely attracted to her husband)
So anyways the band start playing, and initially we all thought "Yep, good, but they dont resemble the actual band in the slightest". It was a case that if you closed your eyes, you could almost kid yourself you were hearing the real deal. We watched the lead singer (who was also damn good at playing the guitar) with a fair amount of curiosity, as, amongst other things, he had red jeans on, and could pull some scary looking faces.
Now, in hindsight, I don't know if he pumped the room full of pheromones prior to performing, or if he managed to subtly hypnotise us all with his guitar playing, but as the evening wore on I found myself thinking "I like him!". And as it drew to an end I contemplated offering myself as his sex slave for the night.
I wasn't the only one.
 My friend, who is a huge fan of the band who the tribute was in honour of, told me "He scares me, But he is strangely attractive". I even caught my other friend, who was accompanied by her beloved, giving Mr Red Jeans Lead Singer furtive glances. But the best was a woman who was with her fella, (or maybe he was her F%*k Buddy or her gay friend that she likes to snog from time to time.) She started off with arms wrapped round her companion, but by the end of the night she was humping the speaker, making lewd suggestions with her bottle, and shouting "Shame!" when Mr Red Jeans casually dropped in that he was married. I took a few glances around the room and I saw another couple who, it seemed were not immune to the effects. The man appeared to be literally holding onto his woman for dear life, whilst she looked like she was hoping to escape his clutches due to being mesmerised by the pheromones filling the room.
So what is it about this man? This unusual creature with the scary expressions and the red jeans? I seriously have no idea! A male friend text me that night to ask how the band were, and my answer? "Good but bizarre". Obviously he wanted me to elaborate, and I had to be honest and say that he no doubt wouldn't have a clue what the hell I was on about. I suggested he go watch said tribute, but to keep an eye on the women, as it is us lot who are most affected. I will be curious to see what he thinks of them, and maybe if the pheromones are that potent, he may find himself doing lewd things with his bottle too!

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