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Sunday, 4 December 2011

In The Waiting Line?

Do the best things come to those who wait?  Is patience really a virtue? Can time be your best friend?
I often ask myself this question. It's funny really, because there are times when a woman just cannot wait. I am sure you know what I mean. We watch the clock for the end of the working day to come so we can go home and pour ourselves a nice glass of wine. We camp by the letterbox for the E-Bay delivery to arrive that was ordered, like, ten minutes ago. We count down the hours until the time comes to meet those friends for a well earned catch up. We get impatient in the queue when we decide we fancy a tub of Ben&Jerrys and want it NOW! We start a diet but the scales tell us, two hours later, that we haven't lost a single ounce. It's times like these that makes us realise waiting is not a fun passtime, and when we don't want to wait, why does time seem to get much much slower?

But then there are the things we will always wait for. Some of us, myself included, have waited for an age for the decleration of love to come from an ex, or an unsuitable crush that we find ourselves lusing after. We will wait for the perfect item of clothing to come along in our favourite store, or that dream lipstick or miracle moisturiser that will make us look five years younger. We hope and prey that the miracle diet will come along that lets us eat what we want and enables us to shrink at least two dress sizes in the process. We often telepathically try to communicate with our bosses, asking for that long overdue pay rise that is allegedly waiting in the wings. We dream of the perfect job with the perfect pay packet. We cheerfully inspect our nails or read trashy magazines whilst we wait for the friend that takes an age to get ready for a night out. We will definately wait, standing as still as statues, getting cramp in the process, for the nail varnish to dry and the self tan to sink in.

But, we must ask ourselves, what is worth waiting for? Will the dream lipstick, fantastic pair of jeans, miracle moisturiser ever really appear? Will that friend ever be on time? Is that ex or unrequited crush really worth your time and efforts? It's all to easy to let life pass you by as you wait for that perfect moment to crash through your door and bring you the happiness you think it will. I always think it's best to look at what you have now, and evaluate what is important. If you feel that you are entitled to more, then go on out there and ask for it, you deserve it! If you are getting sick of hoping that man will open his eyes, smell the coffee and come a banging on your door, well sod him, it is his loss, and he must have taken leave of his senses or something. And with that friend that is always late, don't wait, it may do them good to realise that you have a limit to how much you can take. Time waits for no woman, and sometimes, I think we need to remember that. Life is too short to wait for perfection that may not even exist. That does not mean I think we should settle for second best, hell no! I think we should live life to the max and appreciate the good stuff we already have. But we should feel free to go out there and get more of what we are entitled to. If some things don't work out, well so be it, something better will come along. One thing I sure as hell will not be doing is wasting time in the waiting line....well unless that miracle moisturiser or fantastic pair of jeans is on the horizon that is, then I might just develop a more patient streak, for about ten minutes, because after that I would no doubt start craving Ben&Jerrys and end up fidgeting in the supermarket express isle whilst hoping my E-Bay order has arrived on my doorstep whilst I had popped out. I am sure you agree with me, yes? But give me ten more minutes though, my nail varnish hasn't quite dried and my self tan hasn't sunk in yet, and I have a cramp!

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  1. You are very right about waiting in line, i have the same impatience, the trick i use to speed things up is to not resist it, if i cannot change it I accept it in that moment, and place my thoughts on what I can do. Luck, fortune, karma all fall under this transaction. For when we are resisting we make mistakes, bad decisions as we are thinking only of the problem. Enjoyed reading your blog very much. Peace Anna x