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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Let me be your fantasy!

Ok, it's time to tap into my inner Carrie Bradshaw, time to get a bit risque with my writing. I always follow my instincts and go with what inspires me, and this is no exception. I can't devulge too much about what caused me to write this post, but let's just say, at Saturday nights party (what I remember of it) some things came to light and opened my eyes even further than they already are. It was fun, and very interesting, definately one that will stay in my mind for awhile (again, what I can remember of it that is!) I came away with a steaming hangover and a new blogpost, which to be honest I contemplated not writing due to various reasons, but then caution must be thrown at times, yes?
So, let me elaborate in a round about way what got my juices flowing this week. We all ended up talking about.......stuff, and until then, it had never really crossed my mind to contemplate sexual fantasies and where they may stem from, but it is now something I am sure I will muse on when stuck indoors on a dark winter evening.

So, where do our fantasies and desires come from? Are they plucked from pure fancy or do they stem from past issues and experiences? Is it possible that someone who was domineered as a child will get their rocks off from being a dominator in the bedroom? Would someone who has had to be the boss in life want to be the submissive servant in sex? Would your hard-nosed friend/workmate/boss get off on being spanked, being told they have been a very naughty girl whilst having orders barked at them to get undressed right away. Does your quiet sweet little mate dream of putting on the fishnets, grabbing that whip, handcuffing some poor unfortunate soul to the bed and letting him know who really is in charge around here. That man that gives his seat up on the bus, hands over his spare change to the homeless person and smiles shyly at you in the street could very well fantasise about blindfolding you, then using the spanking paddle and gag. It can kind of make you think, hey?

In previous generations sex was a taboo subject that didn't get openly discussed, but in this day and age it is often the topic of lots of drunken and sober conversations. I personally think this is a good thing, as I am sure many a person has wandered if they are normal or not when it comes to preferences of the sexual kind (I know I have). Media, fashion and music also seems to reflect our open minded approach to experimental sex and fantasies these days, S&M by Rihanna comes to mind, as well as pvc, studded boots and fishnet tights. Sex And The City is a loved TV series and film which many women will know off by heart. It is pretty commonplace to have been to an Ann Summers party now, and let's be honest here, most women have a little something special hidden in the bedside drawer! It no longer seems to matter how many sexual partners you may have had, nor is it just the stuff of dodgy men in trench coats, it is open and out there for us to see and talk about, and there is no shame in it either. So next time you are out shopping and you stumble across an Ann Summers or a sex shop, be brave, go inside, take a look. You may find me in there, or worst case senario, your boss or shy little mate.

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