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Sunday, 8 January 2012

All Night Long?!?

I need an answer to a question, and I want reasons. Why do men think it is desirable to go at it all night long in the sack? And when I say all night long, I mean All... Night... Long!
Come on boys, Is that what you think a woman really wants, a marathon event that would require a pack of pro-plus and a litre bottle of red bull?
I am going to be truthful now and admit that I am not a tart, but frankly I am not an angel either. My number is not high, but my shiny halo is a ghost of its former self. And in my own personal experience I have found it a common thought that men believe a woman wants his manhood to go up as the sun goes down and then for the climax to occur as Mr sun pops up again. We allegedly want banging, we want the pounding, we want a million positions a night. Don't even try to just fob us off with a position of the fortnight! We want to look like we've been riding a horse all night, and we want to walk like ducks.
Well maybe I am a freak, and I must be behind the times or something, but I don't want this at all.
 I have seen that look on a partners face, you know, the look that says he is reciting his times tables, the concentrated frown as he thinks of all the names of the members of his favourite football team, the qwiver as he brings to mind his ugly workmate. All this to prolong the event and hold off his 'wham bam thankyou mam' and I am going to be honest, I wish he wouldn't!
I am going to be frank now, I am a working woman, with a hectic lifestyle, and seriously, after awhile all I want to do is sleep after a bit of the happy stuff. Surely he does too, right? Well in my experience no he does not, far from it! Sleep is the last thing that is on Mr All Night's mind.

Now, please, don't get me wrong here, I am not a prude or a bore, I like a bit of the horizontal sport like anyone else. But I compare it to chocolate. Lovely when you fancy it, and perfect when you just get the right amount. Too much in one go can make you feel sick, and it puts you off eating more for quite some time. Sex is the same (well to me) the right amount at the right time cannot be beaten. I always like to go with the flow in these situations. If the man thinks he is going to climax in five seconds flat, that isn't a problem, I would actually find it more of a turn on! At least I know he is having a good time, that the buttons I am pushing are the correct ones! I want to enjoy it, yes, but I want him to also, he wouldn't be in my bed, or I in his, if that wasn't the case here.

And I must ask, as we are here, Is prolonging the experience and holding off really enjoyable for a man? Truthfully? Honestly?  I can't imagine it always is. It must get painful after awhile when you hold off the climax. Wouldn't you worry that you would lose it, that the moment would be spoiled?

 All night sex makes me worry that I am doing something wrong, and as a result he can't reach the grande fenale. I'd be in a panic that he was bored and not enjoying the moment in hand, so to speak. I'd be laying there thinking that maybe my body looked weird in his eyes, or that he was silently grading me and that the result was poor. My throat would get sore with all the Meg Ryan style fakes I would perform to encourage him to let go and 'pop his cork' and my head would hurt from all the concentrating!
In truth I must confess I have pulled off performances like this, all whilst having the above thoughts go through my mind. It has been on more than one occasion, with more than one man (at seperate times obviously) and it's almost made me paranoid. I am not saying these experiences were not good, on the contrary, they were great, but that look would then cross his face and it would take all my efforts not to yell in frustration. In frankness, after awhile, things start to get uncomfortable and the head starts to swim, I've had the perfect amount and, surely, he has to, judging by the erm, sounds going on, but it seems that nope, he has not, or he believes I have not, so we get more, and more, and more. The birds start cheeping, the sun reappears, the alarm goes off and he finally gives in and lets go. Sounds fantastic in theory, yes, but in reality? It's tiring, and black bags under the eyes? Well that's not a womans best look really is it?
So the moral of my story is this boys, give up the myth that women want all night action, because nine times out of ten, we do not. Think if it as a big old chocolate fudge cake, and go with the flow, yes we are desperate to dive right in there, we are going to love it, we definately want it, but to eat the whole lot in one go?!

 I rest my case.


  1. Challenging and thought provoking stuff hun, it is more often than normal that a guy feels proving himself is more important than enjoying himself and a lot of shame can be felt if he doesn't satisfy or amaze. I would put that mainly down to insecurity on his behalf. Over doing it is as bad as under doing it lol. A good lover should always be considerate to both themselves and their partners needs, resistance to this and its just doing it for doing its sake. Good sex comes from inner charisma and passion, with that 20 minutes can be far better than 8 hours.

  2. Exactly! I totally agree with you, thankyou for reading and voicing your opinion, it is always much appreciated :)