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Sunday, 8 January 2012

All solo living folk are pissheads!

I found an article which goes with the theory that living alone increases the risk of drinking yourself to death. I read it with an open mind, then posted it on my facebook page. Due to the article being written a few months ago I was unable to leave a comment expressing my opinion, so I will do it here instead.

I do not believe this article to be true at all. It is, in my mind, once again, a stereotype that has been thrust upon single people and solo living folk to squeeze us circle shaped pegs into square holes.
I mean, really, are we that lonely that we can only find solace in alcohol. Do we, deep down, believe that because we have not found a 'soul mate', or due to the fact that we are living alone and 'struggling to form social relationships', that this will go hand in hand with seeking refuge at the bottom of a bottle of vodka?

In my opinion, and in that of others I know (and trust me, there are a few of us in our block of studioflats) solo living is not a fast track train to loneliness. On the contrary, I find I usually don't have much time to myself, what with work, family, friends, housework etc etc and I know many other singletons who feel the same way.
Yes our bottle bank gets full in our recycling area, and it is the first one to fill up, bar the big black bins. But that is not because we are all sat there on our lonesome in our seperate studios, wiping the tears away whilst we finish yet another bottle of wine. Nine times out of ten we are warming up before going out, or have friends/family around for the evening.
 Admittedly, yes, I like a drink, and will sometimes polish off a glass (or more) of wine in an evening whilst watching Sex And The City. I do this because I enjoy it, not because I want to 'numb the pain' of being alone. I liked a drink when I lived with my mum, and I also liked a drink when I lived with my ex, so it goes without saying I like a drink now, in my current living situation. If a person likes a drink, or has a tendancy to drink, they will do it, regardless of their living arrangements!
Understandably articles like this will crop up from time to time, as a cautionary tale to warn us of the dangers of drinking too much, but I bet my bottom dollar that all these people that died in this publication had other issues, deeper routed problems, and that the living alone that arose in some of the cases? Well I bet that it wasn't the real issue at all. It saddens me that someone may read said atricle, who could be in an unhappy relationship or living situation, and they may think that they are better off staying where they are rather than getting out and seeing what else is on offer out there. And with living in this unhappy way? Well need I say more?

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